Good evening Camilla, Andrew and the team at Albany Spectacle Makers,
Well what can I say? My glasses have been truly magical and I cannot thank you enough!
Gone are the endless headaches, eye pain and bruises from constantly banging into things!
My whole life I was told that I was clumsy and to try harder. I have had headaches, neck pain, eye strain,  blurred vision, poor  balance and coordination and this constant feeling of anxiety and unease as I tried hard to function. I have gone to countless eye specialists who told me my vision is perfectly fine, that my symptoms were all in my head and that nothing could be done.
My new life since getting my glasses is vibrant and wonderful! My balance has improved and my daily pain is gone. The world is open and bright and I can function so much better. I am constantly astounded by my new 3D perspective and sharp eyesight. Before my vision would always be blurry by the afternoon and my eyes and head would constantly ache. Now I see clearly all day and I am no longer considered “clumsy”.
Thank you so, so much for the work you do and the kind and thoughtful way all your staff have treated me through out this entire process. 
You have truly made a difference in my life, and as a nearly qualified nurse, I am now able to help others so much more.
Thank you so much!
If there is anything I can ever do to repay you please let me know, I constantly share my experience with others that they too may know there is help out there. 
My best wishes to you all!
Kind Regards