I went to see Dr. Andrew Taylor several months back now. I had previously been diagnosed with an extensive list of illnesses (along with an extensive list of prescribed medications!) and was at my wits end. Just bending over to put my dogs harness on from a sitting position would make me so dizzy I had to wait for several minutes for the spins to stop to be able to stand up and walk. I was not safe driving my car (even though the neuropsychologist encouraged me to do so) and thought I would have to move house or take my own life (self euthanasia).


I must mention here that I regularly seen my optometrist, had surgery and follow up assessments by a qualified eye surgeon & physician, had a plethora of medical investigations, including neurosensory testing. Each time I stated I had double vision- not one mentioned binocular vision dysfunction!


Then I came across Andrew and thank God I did. I still have PPPD but most definitely had BVD simultaneously. BVD is now gone. I am able to drive and function again and no longer sit around trying to figure a humane way to end the suffering that goes with it. In a sane world we would have someone like Andrew trained in every capital city in Australia and around the globe. Unfortunately this is not the case so there is a lot of needless suffering as a result. Let’s hope for a better and more progressive future.


Wendy (Queensland)