Over the years I’ve seen so many drs, naturopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, specialists, psychologists and optometrists and constantly heard words like “too sensitive”, I know many of them put me in the too hard basket or even called me a hyperchondriac because I was always there always feeling awful.

For 30 years I’ve suffered with the following symptoms, which have increased in severity over that time:

Falling over all the time and falling into things, walking into doors and walls daily and falling down stairs at home at least 3-4 times a day – which resulted in many injuries, broken bones and constantly being covered in bruises

Severe social anxiety

Light and sound sensitivity 

Severe Chronic fatigue syndrome 

Vertigo 24 hours a day


Loss of depth perception

Anxiety and depression

Severe allergies and intolerances which meant I could only eat some vegetables (nothing else)

Sea sickness, motion sickness in cars and planes

In the final months unable to walk any distance without holding onto my husband for fear of falling


Double vision

Headaches and eye pain

Neck, shoulder, hip and pelvis pain

Inability to watch TV, movies or look at my phone at any length

Driving anxiety 

TMJ pain

Inability to work for 10 years due to all the above symptoms

We flew from Victoria to WA to see Andrew after being referred to see him and by the time I arrived in WA I was beside myself. My symptoms had got so bad that any movement was unbearable due to the immense sea sickness symptoms, I had literally become suicidal, saying to my husband that if this man couldn’t help me then this would be the end of me, I felt so desperately unwell and defeated.

But thank goodness Andrew is absolutely amazing at what he does and knew how to help me and within 10 minutes of seeing him I had special prism lenses on and the difference was outstanding, words can’t express the relief I felt in the first couple of hours after having those lenses on, I could walk straight without falling over, I could see depth for what feels like the first time in my life, my vertigo and nausea had eased dramatically and my anxiety had lessened too along with many other symptoms, it seriously was like a dream come true and I kept crying in disbelief that we had finally found the answer to all my symptoms. 

Andrew diagnosed me with having a severe case of Superior Oblique Palsy and for the first time in my life I felt like someone really understood me and how I was feeling and how absolutely hard my life has been with this condition. The relief of this diagnosis and understanding has been beyond amazing. 

Due to the severity of my condition it took a few weeks to get my lenses right, but I can safely say that 80% of the above symptoms have either reduced dramatically or completely gone. 

I’m so utterly grateful to Andrew, I can never thank him enough for giving me my life back.